Acıbadem HP Travel

HP Travel Agency started its life with the tourism agency license obtained in 2020 by Acıbadem Mobile Health Services, which was established in 2008. Adopting that quality is a continuous process rather than a goal to be achieved, Mobile Health has adopted HP Travel's business policy to ensure satisfaction by keeping the needs and expectations of its customers at the forefront with its expert staff and corporate structuring.



As a service provider at international standards in our country, to ensure that its services are delivered to all segments with a customer-oriented approach.


To ensure satisfaction of its customers with the fast and reliable solutions in our country.




All processes of people who will come to our country for treatment purposes from all over the world will be provided by our company. It transmits the health facilities suitable for the health service the patient wants to receive and the medical information and documents of the health tourist to the health institution before the patient comes and the necessary interviews are made by our company and a treatment plan is created. Health tourists are informed about the health facility, fee, payment conditions that are appropriate for the patient's condition.


Aırport Transfer

Our service begins the moment you decided to come to Turkey for treatment or holidays. You will be welcomed from the airport with our transporters on the day and time you arrive. Transportation from the airport to the hotel is provided according to your schedule.

If you come to Turkey for treatment and your condition does not allow for the transfer with a car, with a special ambulance to transport you to the hospital or your hotel can be provided. The entire pre-flight process is organized by our operation teams.



All your conversations you make during your stay in Turkey, translation services are provided by our translators assigned for you during your transfer and accommodation processes.

Our translators has the international JCI Joint Commission International certificate of conformity in Turkey.
24/7 translation service is provided upon request.



If you would like us to book your tickets for your travel to Turkey for medical reasons, your flight tickets will be provided by our team in accordance with desired time and the day.

In case of a change in your travel, all processes are organized by us. In Turkey you can book flights to many airports.
In Turkey you can book flights to many airports.



Many sightseeing tours can be organized in line with the demands of our guests, and historical trips can be organized in many cities of our country.

In our city tours organized with guides of the regions, we provide accommodation, transportation, etc. services within the scope of our tour, in case of accommodation.



Turkey's numerous in all the cities, there is accommodation to suit every demand alternatives. When you come to our country within the scope of a health service, you will be offered accommodation in high quality and central hotels.

If you request our vehicles that will allow you to reach your facility with your hospital after settlement, it is allocated for you. Depending on your health status, private ambulance service can also be provided for hospital transportation.

Our assistants will serve you with many options suitable for the type of accommodation you want in your travels.

Our Contracted Hospitals

* International Health Tourism Agency Authority